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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a necessity for the majority of homes and businesses in the Southern California area. Whether it be for safety, tree health, aesthetics, etc our team knows how to handle each tree with care.

Why is Tree Trimming important? What is the purpose?

Tree Health: Tree pruning is a maintenance task that keeps your trees vibrant and healthy. It involves removing dead wood, diseased branches, and shaping the tree to give it beautiful form. With the removal of unwanted branches, we allow the tree the opportunity to grow healthier, greener ones, as well as preventing a potential disease from spreading further within the tree.

Safety & Prevention: Trees oftentimes become weak and/or heavy after years of growth. Unfortunately, all too often, we have heard a customer say “I should have called you to trim this a week ago!” after a branch breaks or a tree falls. Removing weak branches or just overall weight of the tree can prevent anything from happening to your beloved trees.

How Do I Start?

Here at Discount Tree Services, we have 30+ years of experience taking care of people’s trees all around the Southern California area. We are happy to serve both commercial and residential areas within about a 50mi radius of West Covina as an insured, licensed, OSHA certified company. No matter the size of tree or job, you can handle your trees with care by giving us a call. Get in touch with us now for a free estimate!

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