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Tree Removal

Volunteer trees, overgrown trees, and diseased trees can be hazards for the safety of others. Our team has top of the line equipment for removing these hazards completely, thus providing the option to plant a new tree.

Is Tree Removal the Right Choice?

Removing a tree is never easy. The tree itself may be easy to take out and haul away, but making that decision is often the most difficult part. Nonetheless, tree removal may be the best option if:

  1. The tree has a bug or is diseased
  2. The roots are causing damage to your home, building, or walk area
  3. There is an overcrowding of trees, inhibiting any of them to flourish
  4. The tree was not planted; a volunteer tree has sprung in an undesired area and may cause issues in the future.

If any of these reasons sound familiar, it may be time to take out the tree(s). Once the difficult decision making is over, you can make the easy one by calling us at Discount Tree Services. We have taken out some of the largest and smallest trees in Southern California, as we are well equipped for any job you need.

Give Discount Tree Services a call today to evaluate the condition of your tree(s) and determine if they need to be removed. If deemed necessary, we will remove them safely and properly with all necessary tools and precautions.

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